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  • Parsi dit :

    Merci beaucoup

  • The 3M Privacy Filter promises the following:
    Narrowing of the viewing area so the screen data is visible only to those directly in front of the monitor
    Performs without distortion
    Reduces screen glare
    Guards against scratches
    Unobtrusive design does not interfere with speakers or monitor controls
    Easy to attach and remove – can be left in place when laptop is closed
    Overall design
    The 3M Privacy filter mounts to the laptop screen with clear plastic mounting tabs with – you guessed it; 3m

    adhesive. There are a total of 3 tabs used during this installation. As suggested by the included mounting

    instructions, two were placed on each side of the screen and one at the bottom. After several months of use, the

    mounting tabs are still firmly attached and have not degraded in performance or aesthetic appeal. There is a small

    round cutout at the top of the Privacy Filter. This is to facilitate easy removal. While it is quite apparent in

    the photos, it is not a distraction. The largest issue with these mounting tabs is that the privacy filter bows

    inward when closing the laptop. This may be less of an issue with a smaller screen, however the behemoth 15.4″

    Macbook Pro screen causes bowing in the filter upon closure. This bowing of the filter does not affect performance,

    but only presents its self as an annoyance when closing the laptop.

  • Item Performance
    In normal light settings with an individual sitting directly next to the laptop with the Privacy Filter applied, an

    extremely large percentage of the screen is invisible to the onlooker adjacent to the user. The filter does an

    excellent job of concealing the screen data. However, do not expect the Privacy Filter to work with individuals

    directly behind you! This drawback is most likely to occur when sitting in an aisle seat on an airplane. It is

    still possible to view some degree of screen data in this situation.

  • jmerrick dit :

    As mentioned before, the notch in the top left portion of the screen is to facilitate easy removal of the privacy

    filter for when it is not required.
    3M states screen data is not distorted when viewed beneath the Privacy Filter. This claim is true, to a point.

    Screen data is not « Warped », however the screen is noticeably darker. Most documents have a white background, in

    which case this is not too negative of a factor. However if watching a darker movie, expect a decrease in

    brightness. Even in direct sunlight, the screen is still usable but this likely varies based on the quality of your

    laptop’s backlight.

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  • There is a new stretch mark cream on the market that offers some amazing results. You might be thinking the same thing that I was. Sure, they claim to have great results, but what do they actually do. I turned to reading a Revitol Review and soon found out that almost all of the reviews were extremely positive. This did not bode well for me.
    In my experience, if the reviews are too positive this means one off two things. The product is an absolute scam, or the product actually works. It’s sad, but too often these products fall into the scam category.
    But since Revitol offers a money back guarantee, I figured what they hey, I’ll give it a shot. If it’s a scam I’ll make sure to call them on it, and write a really terrible Revitol review. It’s too bad that I wont get the chance. This product actually works.