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La mise à jour est fortement recommandée. Elle fixe divers bugs de sécurité mineurs et est aussi le fruit d’un balayage en profondeur du code pour éviter de futurs problèmes. Comme lemois passé le serveur de WordPress a été corrompu, depuis lors une attention particulière est réservée à ce problème et plusieurs tentatives d’intrusion ont été déjouées.

Amaury de l’équipe de WordPress francophone a déjà annoncé qu’une version française sortira demain.

Je vais avoir (enfin ?) l’occasion de tester l’automatic wordpress upgrade recommandé par Matt.

  • Bonjour,
    C’est la première fois que je viens sur ce site,
    je cherchais Codex en français et je suis arrivée
    sur ce site qui me parait très intéressant alors
    je me suis inscrite,

  • 6. High water flow rate up to 125 GPM.
    LRZM (Millivolt Standing Pilot): These light and compact Jandy pool heaters

    are known for the following features:
    1. User-friendly functionality.
    2. Easy to use on/off temperature control switch.
    3. Energy efficient mechanical thermostat for setting temperatures.
    4. Polymer header with 2/2.5 CPVC union connections.
    5. Flo-Thru baffles and Copper heat exchanger for effective heat transfer.
    Lite 2 Heaters
    Lite 2 pool heaters are among the most effective machines available in the

    market today. These heaters are known for their high performance and easily

    programmable features. Some of the features are:
    1. Fully programmable digital time clock, digital temperature readout and LCD

    display temperature control.
    2. Dual thermostat controls and automatic cool down functions
    3. Built-in heater diagnostics and freeze protection.
    4. Advanced hot surface ignition system, which eliminates the need for pilot


  • 5. Flo-Thru? baffles and copper heat exchanger for efficient heat transfer.
    Hi-E2 Heaters
    These durable heating units are known for exceptionally high fuel efficiency

    and low maintenance costs. Some of the advanced features of Hi-E2 heaters are:
    1. Uses high-tech composite materials.
    2. 95% heating efficiency and high energy savings.
    3. Forced air induction system, which makes them suitable for use in extreme

    weather conditions and unusual locations.
    4. LCD display and Dual thermostat controls.
    5. Environmental friendly NOx emissions.

  • There are a lot of different kids gifts that you can give a child. Most people opt to buying a toy or their favorite stuffed animal, but there are times when those things can be a bad idea. That’s especially true in these modern times, where unique gifts abound for those that look for something that is different than the cliché options. If you’re looking at giving a child something awesome, look at kids’ robes. At first you might be surprised by that notion, but think about what they like to wear, and you’ll see that they often times want to emulate adults. Well here is a chance to placate them and still maintain a sense of childlike wonder. Consider the following 3 types that you’ll encounter when searching for this unique item to give a special child in your life.

  • destockmaxs dit :

    The material used in these foam mattress toppers, known as memory foam is designed to contour around the curves of your body providing superb support that’s needed in the back and hip area. Watch as you get up off of your bed in the morning, and the memory foam springs right back to it’s original shape, truly a wonder material.
    While there aren’t an immense amount of features to a foam mattress topper there is one that’s most important. The thickness of the pad is what will make the difference between, feeling better or the same as your old mattress. The thicker the pad, the more support you’re going to have in the needed areas around your back and hips. Also the density of the foam can play a role in how much it sinks to contour around your body. A 4 lb density is wonderful but might be tough to find. Many memory foam mattresses come with a 4 density rating, how ever a topper is meant to give your bed a new feel not replace a new bed all together.

  • Foam memory pillows are also being offered by manufactures to give the added support to the head and neck area. These types of pillows usually don’t wear as quickly as the topper or the mattress.
    A great addition if you’re purchasing a memory foam mattress topper are memory foam or latex pillows. They provide your neck and head the added support it needs through the night to help keep your spine aligned for a great nights sleep.
    Disadvantages of Foam Mattress Toppers
    The topper itself from a comfort stand point doesn’t really have any downfalls, how ever they don’t breath really well. Meaning on warmer evenings you’ll tend to sweat more, and you might find yourself needing to sleep more to feel refreshed. Also depending on the thickness of the topper you purchase you might potentially require new sheets to fit over your mattress and the topper.

  • femmesairmax dit :

    There are many great reasons to consider an adjustable air bed. Allowing each partner to adjust the firmness of their half of the bed independently is one of the biggest benefits offered by the sleep number. The bed is also extremely conformable and supports the unique shape of each sleeper while not pushing back in the same way as a spring bed.
    Despite the innovative design and numerous comfort benefits, the price of some popular sleep by number beds is shocking. Many of these models can cost $5000 or more!
    Fortunately there are alternatives to the most popular air beds that offer a nearly identical construction and the same adjustability but at a fraction of the cost. Many of these beds offer you even more choices in both the build of the bed and the materials used in construction.

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